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Big & Rich are planning to release a new album, John Rich tells, although no release date has been announced. However, the duo has contributed a new song, “Fake I.D.,” to the soundtrack of the upcoming film, Footloose, starring Prevention ids ips System amp;intrusion Intrusion Detection WqPZ8nx1. The duo released a No. 1 country hit, “Lost in This Moment,” in 2007. Rich and his partner, Big Kenny, have since released solo projects. “We’ve been in separate directions for so long. We’ve got to get in there and write a bunch more songs,” Rich said. “It is the re-cranking of the Big & Rich engine. It’s putting the wires back together. I’m pumped! And I know Kenny is, too.” Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson will tour together this summer, with both artists performing onstage together throughout the night.